School Reopening Plan


Greetings, Salem Ram Family!

I hope you are staying healthy, wearing mask(s), practicing social distancing and finding ways to enjoy the summer. Please take time to carefully read this important set of information regarding 2020-2021 School Reopening plan.

Educationally yours,

Dr. Michel
Ram Pride

*CDC Guidelines - The Importance of Reopening America’s Schools this Fall.

School Reopening Plan 2020-2021 (Click to download)

School Calendar (Click to download)

Wi-Fi Reminder To make sure 100% of our students have wi-fi access at home, we have partnered with Comcast . If you do not have wi-fi access at home, please make sure you apply for this service so your child(ren) can receive a Chromebook or iPad when they’re delivered sometime in October.

COVID19 Symptom Checker: Even though students will be required to wear masks and practice social distancing while in school, the district has secured the services of Qualtrics to provide a protocol for staff and students to attend school. Please review the short video describing the requirements and overview of the screening process:

Learning Loss Assessment: The NJDOE requires school districts to develop a plan to determine the amount of student learning loss during the School Closure period. To that end, the first few weeks of school will be committed to measuring the negative impact of the learning loss during the pandemic from PreK-12th grade in the areas of Literacy/Reading Comprehension & Math using the following assessment tools:

 PreK ESI & Creative Curriculum Teaching Strategies Gold  K-4 American Reading Company/IRLA (Literacy/Reading Comprehension) & K-8 Pearson enVision Program (Math)

 5-12 Lexile (Reading Comprehension) 9-12 Specific to Math Course

Mental Health Support: Given the increase of Mental Health issues that have manifested itself during the pandemic, please make sure--prior to returning to school starting—to reach out to the following individuals if your child(ren) is experiencing Mental Health issues. We will work collectively to provide the necessary support(s).

 JFA: Ms. Connor ( or Ms. Garner (

 SMS: Ms. Elder ( or Mr. Pszwaro (

 SHS: Ms. Smith (, Mr. Wright ( or Ms. Thompson (

Parent Opt-out/Homeschooling: Recognizing community of adults/parents/guardians will have a range of comfort levels in sending their child(ren) to school, the district has secured the services of Edmentum to assist parents who prefer a remote learning. 

*Remote Learning link: ( 
remote learning request:

*Homeschooling link:   ( 

Please email the listed respective staff members to properly register in the program of your choice.

School Calendar: The school calendar attempts to reflect the fragile balance of the educational, safety and health interest of our students, teachers and parents. It is guided by the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics

CDC guidelines and the very real emotions, anxieties, personal circumstances, uncertainties and fears all of us are experiencing during this pandemic.

Parent Survey: On behalf of the district to plan for after school programs

Parents with questions regarding the wi-fi program can email the following individuals in their child(ren) respective school:


State of New Jersey - Department of Education

The Road Back: Restart and Recovery Plan for Education
Conditions for Learning - August 3, 2020