IB Faculty & Staff

Helen Hall is the IB Diploma Coordinator at SHS. She is also the SHS Guidance Department chairman. Contact information: hall@salemnj.org; 856-935-3900 x3228.

Christine Pierangeli is the CAS coordinator.  She is also the Fine Arts Department Chair & SHS Dance instructor. Contact information: pierangeli@salemnj.org; 856-935-3900 x3338.


Language Arts

Regina Ilaria - email:  ilaria@salemnj.org, phone: 856-935-3900 x3137
Kristin Unger - email:  unger@salemnj.org, phone: 856-935-3900 x3136

World Language - Spanish


Social Studies

Ken Buck - email: buck@salemnj.org, phone: 856-935-3900 x3330
Marisa Vengenock- email: vengenock@salemnj.org, phone: 856-935-3900  x3324


Janice Davis - email:  davisj@salemnj.org, phone: 856-935-3900 x3113
Bruce Ferguson - email:  ferguson@salemnj.org, phone: 856-935-3900 x3104
Louise Jakub-Cerro - email: jakub-cerro@salemnj.org, phone: 856-935-3900 x3101


Anne Hudock -  email: hudock@salemnj.org, phone: 856-935-3900 x3113
Gregory Lagakos - email: lagakos@salemnj.org, phone: 856-935-3900 x3146
Marena Poole - email: poole@salemnj.org, Phone: 856-935-3900 x3149

The Arts 

Jon Botbyl - IB Music - email: botbyl@salemnj.org, phone: 856-935-3900 3204
Christina Pierangeli - IB Dance - email: pierangeli@salemnj.org, phone: 856-935-3900 x3338
Elizabeth Irvine - IB Art - email: irvine@salemnj.org, phone: 856-935-3900 x3335
Renee Murray - IB Music - email: murray@salemnj.org, phone: 856-935-3900 x3204

Theory of Knowledge/TOK

Sally Lamont - email: lamont@salemnj.org, phone: 856-935-3900 x3161