From the Principal's Office


September, 2017

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Thank you for another great year.  We are still making significant gains.  While I am pleased with the results and progress, I will not be satisfied until 90% of our students are reading on or above grade level.  I will continue to view this appointment as an opportunity to bring the best of the current research to life in our classrooms and our children to levels of excellence not yet achieved.  With that said, I want to ensure you that we will continue to transform our school building in a new image of our students’ potential.  You and I together will continue the work we started.  With your assistance, it is my desire to maintain and embrace an environment safe for all students to become successful learners regardless of social-economic circumstances and/or learning modalities.

It is essential in my estimation that we share the philosophy that we too are life-long learners and our thought and actions affect students. With confidence, collaboration consistency and competency we will be able to create a school climate and culture that nourishes learners to become critical thinkers and wise decision makers in the present and the future.

Let’s aim to work even harder by digging deeper this year to produce an academic and instructional foundation that our students and we will own.  Together we can give our children the skills and understandings that will prepare them for the next segment of their journey in the middle school with every child leaving at their full potential.

I look forward to us continuing the work we have begun and a successful school year.



            Syeda L. Woods, Principal

"Hitting the Ground Learning"