Internet Grammer

1. ASK: Who owns the domain?

Lookup a domain name's - Whois Record

2. ASK:  
What is the dot extension of a site?

.com = commercial
they are trying to sell you something

.edu  = education  
an educational organization, which one, public, private, point of view

.org  =  organization  
they have a specific cause and point of view (always biased)

.gov  =  government  
ask who’s in office and what is their agenda

.net   =  network  
a group of organizations

3. Use Country Codes:

When you use Google, sites you retrieve are centered on the United States.  If you really want to dig into a controversial topic, limit your search to sites from other countries.  Here’s how...

Type in the word    host:   then the country code   then the “keywords” in quotes

example:   host: UK “american revolution”

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