Students of the Month
Salem Middle School 2021-2022

Students of the month for September 2021:                     

Onesty Morris                3rd Grade                       Ms. Pino

Kimora Bell                   3rd Grade                       Ms. McDermott

         Morris Bell

Students of the month for October 2021:

A’Shalyn Simmons                     4th Grade          Ms. Morris

Gwyneth Hanna                         4th Grade          Ms. Seran

Students of the month for November 2021:

Aaliyah Hutton                           5th Grade           5th Grade Team

Joseph Thorpe                           5th Grade           5th Grade Team

Aaliyah   Joseph

Students of the month for December 2021:

Kayla Martin                  6th Grade                       Ms. Skinner

Richard Simmons          6th Grade                       Ms. Tomasetti

Martin Simmons